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May 19 2012


Will Facebook Adjust to Mobile or Will Mobile Conform to Facebook?

The big news is the mobile-only audience is growing faster than the multichannel or desktop-only audience. The long-term prediction is that the mobile-only audience will come to dominate the social network.

Mobile Marketing - We all know Facebook needs to become a force in mobile marketing, but just how much of a force? If Facebook were to replicate the success of its desktop ad business on mobile marketing, it would account for a healthy chunk of the entire world’s current mobile ad spending. And if it sticks with its planned approach to mobile text sms ads, it will need to create a whole new mobile marketing sector from scratch

Text Marketing

If Facebook’s future is SMS Marketing, it may not be enough for it merely to secure a piece of the mobile text marketing market: It might need to make the mobile marketing industry figure out how to work with Facebook.

All-in-One Messaging with Mobile Marketing including Text Marketing, SMS Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media, and much more. In addition to SMS Marketing and Text Marketing, voice broadcast and Instant Message Marketing is included in the Mobile Marketing Software.

SMS Text Message Marketing  Mistakes Most Businesses Make

Text messaging is indeed a revolutionary way to communicate. It is definitely more cost-effective, less invasive and a good form of communication if you don’t want the disturbance of a call. It is no wonder that many businesses have incorporated this form of mass promotion to their marketing campaigns. However, this does not mean that all of them do so effectively. A lot of businesses have committed SMS text message marketing mistakes. It is up to you not to follow in their footsteps.

 So how do you not follow in the same footsteps? How can you avoid committing the same SMS text message marketing mistakes?

The first thing you need to do is to find out what the rules are. Conduct research on messaging etiquettes in marketing and in business. Make sure that you understand carefully the ins and outs of using text messaging as a form of marketing campaign and plan out what to say to your potential customers. You must also be aware what these common SMS text message marketing mistakes are in order to avoid them. Here are some of these mistakes: SMS Text Message Marketing

-          A really big issue when messaging potential customers is compliance. You have to be aware of the Anti-Spam Legislation based on the Telephone Consumer Protection Act before you start using this service. If you don’t want to be penalized for your marketing campaigns, you have to know the laws and the rules governing these acts of sending commercial SMS text message.

-          It is also a big issue if you are really able to target your customers. You may have the right message to send, the platform to do it and a really great product but if you don’t know how to get quality prospects, you will certainly fail in your marketing attempts. If you know who your customers are and if you seek ways on how to reach them, then you are able to customize your campaigns in order to make it relevant for your key customers and qualify your prospects.

-          A lot of companies also commit the mistake of focusing on SMS marketing as the sole selling tool. When this happens, the message being sent out to consumers is more of a sales pitch rather than a promotion. When consumers feel that they’re being forced to buy or take a look at a certain product, their tendency is to opt-out from receiving further messages and these cut the ties between you and your potential customers.

-          Isolating mobile marketing from the rest of your marketing campaign can also spell disaster to the results of your promotional efforts. The key to a successful text messaging campaign is to integrate it with your other mobile marketing efforts as well as online marketing. Some of the worse SMS text message marketing mistakes ever made is relying on text messaging alone to drive more customers into their shops and their events.Mobile Marketing Solution Including SMS Marketing and Text Marketing In One Mobile Marketing Channel Platform | MobileSMSBlast.

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